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Outsourced  Customer Support Solutions for as Low as $4 Per Hour or $1 per Call ! 
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  • 24/7 Service. Industry Specialized Agents.Offering 60 different languages and dialects so you can target any market you wish !
  • Money back guaranteed, if you are not satisfied with the results  !
Our Solution

Outsourced Phone, Live Chat and SMS/Text Customer Support Services

  1.  Best in Class Customer Service Agents available globally

  2. Offering Phone Support, Online chat, SMS/Text and Social Media Messaging Solutions  

  3. Cost effective and efficient solutions depending on your budget and needs

  4. One-Stop integration options available: we can implement our own software and ticketing solutions

Plans and Pricing:

Global Call Center Locations


  • Newark, NJ

  • New York, NY

  • Charlotte, NC 

  • Georgia, GA

  • Houston, TX

  • Denver, Co

  • Seattle, WA

  • Los Angles, CA

  • San Diego, CA

  • San Francisco, Ca

  • Chicago, IL


  • Toronto, On ( Regional HQ)

  • Calgary, AL

  • Halifax, NS

Other Locations

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Melbourne, Australia

  • Mexico City, Mexico

  • Sao paulo, Brazil

  • London, UK

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Milan, Italy

  • Istanbul, Turkey

  • Dubai, UAE

  • Bengaluru, India

  • Mohali, India

  • Mumbai, India

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Abuja, Nigeria

  • Hong Kong, China

  • Shenzhen, China

  • Chengdu, China

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

  • Manila, Philippines 

  • and more

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No Project is too small or large for us. Get in touch to discuss your unique needs !


Note: this form is only for our customer support solutions. For our Telemarketing, Appointment Setting and Lead Generation, please CLICK HERE 

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