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International Marketing Company (UK)

I’ve employed Homota since 2010. I’ve found them to be exceedingly professional and adaptable. I’ve hired them for a variety of jobs and for two different companies. The rates are reasonable given the level of professionalism and skill the operators have. In many cases it’s cheaper for us to outsource this work than to hire a part-time employee. Often, we are assigned the same staff member over the past  5 years. That speaks volumes about the quality of management at this firm. They consistently make the “right call” for us. I would highly recommend this service to businesses all around the globe. You won’t be disappointed

Director of Operations


SAAS Software Solutions Company (US)

Homota was the missing link for our business. They kickstarted our sales growth ! 



Real-Estate Office  (US)

Efficient, professional service with the personal touch. We don't have the time for business development_ that is why we hired them and they are doing a great job ! 



Insurance Broker (Germany)

Excellent service. They produce outstanding results effectively. 



International Fast Food Chain ( Vietnam)

We wanted our customers to be treated like we would treat them ourselves. A goal any company would probably want. Homota wasn’t the first company we tried for after-hours coverage. Believe me, there is a difference. We are very satisfied with their performance.

Head of Global Operations   


Healthcare Company (US)

I recommend Homota for its first-class technology and because they go above and beyond to make sure customers are taken care of. With Homota, we got exactly what we wanted in terms leads and appointments,  the flexibility, and how easy it was to collaborate as partners.

Chief Operating Officer



Payment Solutions Company (UK)

Homota Call Centers is a wonderful partner to engage for business dev needs. Homota has been supporting us since 2012 and has been quick to adapt to new programs and actively address unforeseen situations. The associates are professional and knowledgeable when interacting with our customers and the management team is always professional and accommodating. Homota Call Centers meets all our financial services needs and we look forward to growing together



Regional Credit Union (Portugal)

 We are very happy with our partnership with Homota. After many failed relationships with other call centers, we believe we have found the right one that can grow with our business needs.”

Procurement Manager



Global Manufacturer of Appliances ( China)

I appreciate the communication between our team and the Homota team. The Director of Client Services and our Account Supervisor are great to work with.

Head of Operations



Bank Owned Call Center

Our Call Center normally utilizes Homota's services for overnight and overflow calls. However, when we lost phone service for several hours three times during a one month period due to accidental fiber cuts in our area, Homota saved us. They took hundreds of our calls, with literally no notice, and kept us in business until repairs were made.

Operations Manager



Global Software Company (Australia)

If it will help a friend or business, I would recommend Homota. Good communication and regular updates on projects. We depend on them for our sales. 

Marketing Coordinator



Executive Search Firm (USA)

The quality of their return is generally very high and they have been able to propose solutions in several instances that were higher quality than my own solutions.

Senior Director


Information Solutions Firm (Switzerland)

Good job with the status update! Thanks for helping us grow in US. 

Content Manager


CRM Consulting Firm (Singapore)

Thank you for all your help. And getting stuff to us on time, great accuracy and everything, really appreciate it.

Managing Director


Technology Firm (Japan)

I wanted to pass on my thanks for your IT guys and say what a wonderful team you have. For 24 years, I’ve worked with many IT people and your team is absolutely exceptional. They don’t give up and follow through to completion. No problem is too much for them and they face these challenges with a smile.

Chief Operating Officer



Business Intelligence Firm (USA)

The presentation went extremely well. We were hit of the meeting of over 400 attendees. Thanks again for the great intelligence. Also, had a good call today with one of our customers – very pleased with the results.

Chief Operating Officer

Executive Search Firm (USA)

First off, let me just say – I love you guys!! The amount of detail you provide is really fantastic. Thank you so much!!

Senior Director

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