Let us find sponsors for you 

​Get carefully chosen quality and qualified leads who meet your criteria and are looking to on-board. No matter what asset classes you are offering, we have access to more than millions of ready to committed investors across the globe. 

Money back guaranteed, if we are not successful ! 

Golden Star

Full Service 

We will create an exclusive list of leads and contact them directly on your behalf ​

Painted Green Arrow


We will never send leads that doesn’t meet your expectations


Exclusive Leads

All leads will be exclusive to you and will not be shared with anyone

Simple Cost Structure

We do not lock you into a long term contract. No monthly or setup fees

Just a simple one time fee

Our Process for Success

Step 1: Onboarding 

Provide us with the type of clients/ investors ( Net worth, investment interest, risk profile, etc.)  that your are looking for as well as your offerings (Asset classes offers, track record, investment philosophy, etc.)

Also, we will also go over your marketing material and pitch/scripts, if you have any. We can help to refine them or perhaps even create new ones from scratch. 

Step 2:

Contact List Generation

If you do not have your own prospect or contact list, in this step we will use our proprietary and premium databases, to generate a list of potential prospects.

We will use the info that you have provided to us during the onboarding stage to customize this list for maximum success. 

If you have your own contact or lead list, we can skip this step.

Step 3: The Outreach Campaign

Once we have a full grasp and understanding of your product and solutions as well as how to market them, we will assign our specialized and high quality agents to your campaign and will start the outbound/inbound call campaigns to generate high quality sales appointments and qualified leads for your business. 

Step 4:Results

You will be able to track the progress of the campaign on our online CRM platforms, see the agents comments, check the call recording, etc.


We will continuously  monitor your campaigns, to ensure it is performing according to our highest standards and is set for maximum success

Analyzing the Markets

10 on-boarded clients


For only $1000, we will provide you with 10 ready to on-board clients and investors ! 


Image by Scott Graham

60 on-boarded clients


For only $5000, we will provide you with 60 ready to on-board clients and investors ! 


Image by Scott Graham

Enterprise Solutions


Please contact us if you have broader needs.


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